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Discarding changes


I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question - but here goes:

If I made a change to an entry and then click “discard changes”, the entry remains in the “Published (pending changes)” state. Is that behaviour expected?

Hi @dnoesgaard!

I think it’s expected, because discarding changes is considered as change as well. That’s why you have “Published (pending changes)” state.
Sorry for the confusion!

Let me know if I can help you with anything else :wink:

Hi @andrey,

Sorry to comment on an old thread but isn’t this a bit odd behavior. If I accidentally type something, I cannot undo the change. And even worse is that the edited content then is considered recently updated and edited by me, even if the original editor was someone else.

I’ve noticed two different behaviors related to this:

  1. Make a change, publish, discard changes -> Status: Published (pending changes) (edited by me)
  2. Make a change, discard the change and go back to list -> Status: Published (edited by me)

The second case is worse as it means you cannot undo even something you don’t publish in my opinion.

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Hello @andrey / @Alma ,

We are also running into similar as we go in and look at items change something, discard the change as it was not necessary/error, but then the content is still marked as changed.
Is there some way to look go about this, that it doesn’t get updated as changed by the person in question that looked at the article but just keeps it previous status.

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Copying in @Alma as @andrey did not respond to previous posts