Do preview environments get Delete events in sync api?

Question. Does the preview server get delete events when using the sync API? I just archived an item and didn’t get my deleted entry event. If I unarchive the item I can see the item go live. However if I archive it then sync with my token next sync token I get all my changes but the archived item doesn’t get a DeleteEntry.

The url I am getting back is:{spaceId}/environments/master/sync

I found the documentation. But we need to have our preview and production act the same. For now my guess is just a workaround in a dev environment to do one more query for all entry and asset Ids which are around 6000 each and keep an internal list while we sync and delete the ones still remaining.

I would be great if we could get preview api to be fully sync compliant. It syncs new assets and changes fine. This is a mobile app using the API through a proxy so web hooks not a good thing. I also think this is important for other mobile developers they have apps hooked in to multiple environments. We use our preview environment to preview what an entry will look like in the mobile app.