Grouping for Content Types

Are there any plans for introducing a way to group Content types into the Web UI? (Or perhaps a community extension that provides this?)

It’s a bit of a confusing mess for content editors to see a page type like “Blog Post” in the same list as building-block content types like a “Menu Item”, “CTA Banner”, or “SEO Metadata” when they are trying to add a new page.

Being able to assign Content Types into groups/categories would help provide more logical groupings, like this:

  • Page Types
    – Blog Post
    – Event
    – Landing Page
  • Banners
    – CTA Banner
    – Featured Articles
  • Miscellaneous
    – SEO Fields
    – Microcopy

Hi @nathan.plowman,
I will bring this feedback to the attention of our development team. It’s a great suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: