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Line breaks on the Rich Text editor

Is there a way of adding line breaks in the Rich Text editor? When I m using, I can just add a new paragraph. But when I paste content for somewhere else, I can see that the Rich Text editor adds the line break there. Things like crtl + enter or crtl + shift + enter didn’t work for me.

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I just discovered that shift + enter works.

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Not really. A simple button that adds a line-break is woefully not present

I’m using contentful with Next.js.

My first attempt was using a long text field with markdown, then converting the markdown to HTML with the markedjs package.

It wasn’t behaving so I decided to switch to the rich text option. It was quick to set up, but I can’t get line breaks to work!

I’ve seen several other posts about it, anyone have any ideas? shift+enter does nothing.

This did the trick:

And use shift + enter to create \n which is then converted to </br>

Hi everyone, I recently put together a list of Rich Text top tips to address frequent community questions. This also contains the recommended advice on line breaks.

Hope you find this helpful!

Hi everyone, :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently created a guide to help Contentful users get line breaks to render properly in either rich text fields or regular text fields.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help further.