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Line breaks on the Rich Text editor

Is there a way of adding line breaks in the Rich Text editor? When I m using, I can just add a new paragraph. But when I paste content for somewhere else, I can see that the Rich Text editor adds the line break there. Things like crtl + enter or crtl + shift + enter didn’t work for me.

I just discovered that shift + enter works.

Not really. A simple button that adds a line-break is woefully not present

I’m using contentful with Next.js.

My first attempt was using a long text field with markdown, then converting the markdown to HTML with the markedjs package.

It wasn’t behaving so I decided to switch to the rich text option. It was quick to set up, but I can’t get line breaks to work!

I’ve seen several other posts about it, anyone have any ideas? shift+enter does nothing.

This did the trick:

And use shift + enter to create \n which is then converted to </br>