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Localized content models for entry-level localization

Hello there,

I’m trying to implement the entry-level localization patter as described here: Locales | Contentful

As the article suggests, I have a “Page (Global)” content model that contains an internal title and a localized reference to another content model restricted to content from another “Page (Local)” content type.

Now I’m wondering whether or not I need to enable localization on each of the fields in the “Page (Local)” content model. The article doesn’t really mention it, but I’m guessing I shouldn’t be doing that?

However, if I don’t enable localization on each and every field in the “Page (Local)” model (and all potentially nested models), I can’t find a way to retrieve just one locale via the API (I always get every locale).

How should I model the “Page (Local)” content model? Is there an example for entry-level localization around that I could use for inspiration?

Hello Roman - unfortunately I don’t know the API answer you seek, but in case helpful in any way for your task at hand, you can try our translations app for Contentful: where you can create an Export/Import translation order, select Entry Level localization, select Entries and choose a target locale to export source content.