Pushes to production take about 18 minutes!

I have Contentful hosted on Netlify and we are experiencing about 18 minutes for a push to production. To me this seems pretty inefficient. When I work with Wordpress it is a 1-1 ratio of make a change to a page and publish THAT SINGLE PAGE to production, not the entire site.

How can I reduce the time to publish general page updates or new pages to site?

Can I remove pages like those set to draft status which often cause deployment errors anyway?


Hi @jennifer.garcia,

The issue you’re experiencing is not a Contentful issue, but an issue with your front-end application. Contentful is not hosted at Netlify – your front-end application is. Contentful merely provides the content storage and is hosted on its own servers provided by Contentful (as in, the company).

thank you @teemu.tammela1