Refresh sandbox


We currently have 3 environments : master, prod, and dev. But only prod is used or updated. How to refresh master or dev ?


Could you explain this in a bit more detail what you desire to achieve? Are you inserting content into which of these environments?

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your reply.

I am looking at the doc that is available on the site ( ).

At present, only the ‘prod’ sandbox that is used / updated / inserted. The ‘master’ is not sync anymore.

What I am looking for is :

  • how to create other sandbox (dev, QA, etc) from ‘prod’ ?
  • how to sync from ‘prod’ to ‘master’

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @ba1012info,

In order for you to sync content from “prod” to “master” you should make use of our migration tools and write a simple script to help you with that, as described in the following links:

You can also create other environments by using an owner account and going to “Settings” > “Environments”> “Add Environment”