Scheduling multiple changes

Hi I was trying to use the scheduling feature to schedule multiple consecutive changes but it does not seem to work. This seems to be a bug in the UI.

What i want to do is publish one change at a date A and then another different change at date B. However all changes seem to get published already on Date A. I suppose that this is not supported, but I’m wondering why the UI lets me create multiple publishings in one schedule one after the other if that is not supposed to work? Or am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 17-28-06

Hi @dominik.goltermann, you are right, currently it is not supported to schedule multiple consecutive changes; it is possible to schedule publishing and unpublishing the same entry consecutively.

I will file a feature request on your behalf and send it to our product team. In the meanwhile, you could use a workaround: create several entries for different versions and schedule them separatly.

Do we have this feature available now? I am also struggling with same situation.

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Hi @Alma, do we have any update regarding this feature?