Slugs being truncated?


I’ve just noticed that slugs are being truncated. Is this a new thing you are doing?

Ie my page title is ‘Antarctic Treaty 60th anniversary gift to NZ schools — new wall map of Antarctica’ and the slug truncated at /antarctic-treaty-60th-anniversary-gift-to-nz-schools-new-wall-map-of



I’m still trying to figure out why the built-in slug appearance truncates entry titles longer than 75 characters, but I tested the slug UI extension that the built-in appearance is built on and it works properly and does not truncate titles longer than 75 characters… check it out and see if that works for you!

Hi Charlie

Thanks for your email. I’m not sure what you need me to do. I am a content editor so am relying on getting slugs that reflect the titles of the pages that I am creating. I can manually do this but
I haven’t had to do that before and manual entry leaves room for error.

Appreciate your help with this.