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Can I disable auto-save in the content posting editor?

I am developing for the first time using Contentful.
I also want to enter a non-English language in Contentful.
However, IME does not work correctly because the auto save function is working.
So I want to disable the auto-save feature.

In addition, I can only enter non-alphabetic characters in the mobile browser.

Is there a way to fix these?

Re: disabling auto-saving. This currently isn’t possible. I was able to discuss the need for this in depth with Contentful and I believe they understand the need for it. It was not something they were planning on implementing in the near future at that time though.

I am using Firefox (macOS) and can enter text in Arabic and Cangjie without a problem. Maybe post some more details on what problem you are seeing and maybe more about your system specifics.