Community Edition Roles

Currently we are on the Community plan and plan to upgrade later when we go live and need more users.

When adding a user to a space I am only given the option to add as an Admin, how can I add as an Editor?

Hi Dan, could you share your organization id, and I’ll check with support to get this sorted out for you.


Hi, the ID is: 0rNsVicKIBlxZK0w5oBI6f

Thank you

Thank you for sharing the org id, I was told that the problem should be fixed for your org now, apologies for the trouble and do let me know if it’s still not showing up as expected.

Hi Ante,

I also have this problem.
My organization id is 7AuDQ2ZFcsqcULqT2KfXlc

Thank you!

Hi @ante.sepic, i’m having the same problem.
My ID is: 0TsCsuaI1qAJEvVwaea9Li

Can you help me?

Thank you

Hi @hugo, I have put in a request internally, will get back to you when I hear back.

@franknoel01Sorry for missing your request, hopefully by now someone enabled it for you, but I will double check for your org as well.

@hugo @franknoel01 I was told that your orgs should now have the editor role available, apologies for the hiccup and I appreciate your patience!

Awesome, thank you very much!

@ante.sepic I think I have exactly the same problem. I’m on the Community plan and I cannot see the editor role anywhere. Our space ID is pzzflbrlzx9v. Could you take a look?

@ante.sepic I have also gotten this problem, I have checked both my community spaces and same thing:

@smikitky @treningadmin , I just reset the roles in your space, could you kindly check if you can see the editor role now? sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

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@Alma Glad to have found this thread. It appears I have the same issue as the others here. My organization ID is 7zeLBTBuP2pCRgQEduJsa3.

We’re planning on launching soon, it would be great if we could make use of the editor role :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

@Alma we have the same issue for this organization: 0yTe1jlNWvA3JWc4a6rQVQ
Could you help with that?

Hi @Alma, I’m also having the same issue with only seeing the admin role. My organization is: 0yFmH59bWrbUjNZ4J2CcBW

Are you able to reset the roles? Thanks in advance!

@federico.mantovani @alexb I have reset the roles in your spaces, please let me know if you still can’t see the editor role

@david2 It seems there is no Community space in your organization at the moment, please feel free to add a new one and contact me in case there is the role issue :))

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Hi @Alma, I was about to recreate the entire org as I’m also having the same issue with only seeing the admin role. luckily I found this thread.

My organization is: 54Bjb7tyEJe1wphrL8TQEe

Are you able to reset the roles? Thanks in advance!