External user signup form & profile management

I run a local community website for users of the Magento open source e-commerce platform, Dutchento.org.

I would like to have a public page (on Dutchento or on a page hosted by contentful under our name) where people can register for an account, just like you would on Twitter or Facebook and then manage your own profile, add articles, company profiles (for our business database overview), projects, events etc. A personal user profile should only be editable by that single user, but ideally a company profile, projects and events could have multiple editors.

We have around 600 active users and and extended ecosystem of 3000 users. There would only be 3 backend administrators using Contentful.

To be clear: Dutchento is NOT an e-commerce platform. It’s a local community of people USING an e-commerce platform (Magento) on their own websites. Dutchento is currently a Wordpress website providing information for these people. We don’t have a cart or checkout process on Dutchento.

As I understood from a Contentful employee, what I describe above should be possible already with the developer package from Contentful. But the big question is: HOW?

How do I setup a public page where users can register for an account and manage their content?

Hi @guido,

From a general perspective, Contentful is optimized for content creation, instead of specifically providing authentication to multiple users outside of a given organization.

That means that you’d have to implement most of the user-related components, such as registration, password recovery, authorization, or integrate another third-party service with our API.

With that, you’d integrate this with our Management API to perform content modifications from these users (e.g. upload, save content, etc). And, as always, these would also have to be bounded by our existing API rate limits (there’s an API rate limit of 10 requests per second for the Content Management API).

Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any other questions =)