Setting default values for RichText fields


I’m a developer at a small company that uses Contentful to maintain instances of our healthcare application for several clients. The text of each Client’s site is housed under a Content Type named Client.

As we sign an increasing number of clients, we are noticing that all Client entries contain nearly the same content aside from a few custom configurations. This only becomes a pain when we want to change one field across all clients which requires modifying each entry individually to change a sentence.

I noticed that Contentful has a sample UI extension for inputting default values per field which would save immense amounts of time when configuring text throughout our site. The issue I found with this UI extension and extensions generally is that the “instance parameters” of an extension only support types Symbol, Enum, Boolean, and Number.

Since a large number of our site’s Client fields are of types RichText or JSON Object, my question is whether there is a known workaround to supply default values to these field types.

One idea I have is to create a UI extension at the entry level (rather than the field level) that enables a toggle to specify an entry as default or custom. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

Thank you!

Hi @dillon, would you be able to tell me which UI extension are you using? :slightly_smiling_face: