Why can't an entry title be disabled in the response?

Summary: I want to be able to exclude fields marked as entry titles from the API response.

In the web UI, the field marked as the “Entry title” in the content model is shown in the “Name” column in the content list. This makes it a great candidate for an internally helpful but externally unhelpful label. For example, I might want to use not-for-public-consumption codenames in entry titles for an internal audience.

Sadly, the UI does not allow the field marked as the entry title to be disabled in the response. This means it is always returned in API requests, wasting bandwidth and visible to anyone who can see the network traffic.

I don’t understand why this rule exists. What’s so special about the entry title?



Good feedback! Your suggestion makes sense to me. I’ll pass it along to our product team.

Hey @Charlie,
Any update on this?
My issue is more on the UI side, I am using Name field (Entry title) as a unique way to identify entires in contentful. The value for the Name field is generated programmatically by combining values of two other fields. And I do not want anyone to be able to edit the Name field. At the same time I want users to be able to search and identify the entry by name.

Name = Title + Version

Entry 1: Linux Kernel Development (version 2)
Entry 2: Linux Kernel Development (2020 Edition)
Entry 3: Operating System Concepts (2020 Edition)

  • User should be able to search for the name (Linux Kernel Development) of the book and gets all the versions, (search returns Entry 1 and 2)
  • Search for version(2020 Edition) and get all the books that have that version, (search returns Entry 2 and 3)
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Made it to the product team, still not implemented 4 years later :frowning: