"Versions" not showing in sidebar

I’ve been investigating the possibility of comparing/restoring previous versions of certain content entries, but the “Versions” sidebar block is not appearing in the “General” tab when viewing the entries. I am an administrator in the space, the entry is in a “Published” state and I can see from the “Info” tab that there are multiple versions of my specific entry.

Is there a setting I’m missing or has something changed? Any advice much appreciated…

I have the same query. I am not able to see versions section as well. Can anyone from the support team please help? thanks

Versions is only available for the master environment. Perhaps you are working in a different environment?

See the docs for further explanation:

OK. That explains my issue. But it feels like it should be more prominently noted than it is.

Assuming I update my “master” alias to point at my current sandbox environment, will the versioning become active?

Yes, I think that is how the versioning works, that it’s always active for the environment the master alias is pointing at.

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Why is the Versions sidebar only available in master environment; is there a feature request to get this added to other environments?
For lower environments, is there any other way to compare versions through the UI, or do we need to use the API?

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